New SAT On Your Horizon, Are You Ready For Math?

downloadCollege Board has recently announced that it is changing its SAT exam structure. The new Math format will resemble ACT in its pure math content, only that there will be more Math steps involved before getting to the final answer. The Math section will consist of 57 questions (compared to 54 on the previous exam version) that are divided into grid-in and multiple-choice subsections. Multiple-choice subsection will have four answer choices (compared to 5 previously). This will make it easier to answer the question correctly if the student does not know the answer. Grid-in subsection will usually require one to find a single number or quantity (not an algebraic expression). The score for the Math section is 800 as before. Also, each question out of 57 will be given more time (about 20 more seconds on average) compared to the previous exam version. This makes sense, because even though the content is more Math-related, the actual knowledge of Math will require one to perform at least three steps before arriving at the solution.

No one knows exactly what the exam will be like (especially Math), but College Board already posted sample Math

Negotiating the World As a Fear-Based Person

salary-negotiation-800x453Masked by every face is a person’s past-and it can be particularly volatile when the emotions associated with it have not been resolved. In the case of those who endured alcoholic, dysfunctional, and/or abusive upbringings, that mask hides fear, particularly and originally of the parent or parents of whom he was most likely the perpetual target. As a mask, however, it also deceptively hides his insecure reality.

Clandestinely covering up his chronic feelings of impending doom, it deludes others of their replay, which is often even beyond the person’s own cognizance, recreating he same detrimental circumstances he was forced to live through and causing him to believe that, if a loving and protecting parent-turned-predator subjected him to such treatment, then those in the world-at-large would certainly have no reason not to do the same. Trust, after all, is earned after consistent behavior merits and demonstrates it. In an abusive home, it is not.

Indeed, because a person learns what he lives, fear is bred. It may not necessarily be rational, but it is powerful. It both dictates and motivates-in directions he may not otherwise

Top 12 Tips That Will Get You Through Your College Midterms and Finals

images (2)Exams are always tough and quite a big deal for anyone because that is why you have been studying so hard all these years. However it is always best to resort to strategies while preparing for them which of course will change with the kind of exam you face. College is very different from high school and so should be the ways of tackling the midterms and finals. With less time in your hand and more subjects to focus on concentration is very important and the brain must to extremely alert.

  1. Follow class lectures

Attending regular classes and writing or recording lectures is a great way of moving on with the class unless you are a complete geek and have finished all your text books before term started. Going through the notes after the classes and before the exam is a great way of preparing for it and getting an idea of what may be included in the exams. If you are juggling studies and a part-time job make sure that the studies do not suffer because of the job.

  1. Start on it early

Starting to study late into the term is

Where To Get College Application Help

A college degree is the key to realizing the American dream, well worth the financial sacrifice because it is supposed to open the door to a world of opportunity.

-Dan Rather

The aforesaid quote of famous journalist Dan Rather is absolutely true. Without a college degree, it is not easy to fulfill your dreams. However, getting in a reputed college is not easy. You need to fill college application admission forms. And then, you will give admission exams. On the basis of your performance, you will get the admission. If you want to get admission in one of the most reputed colleges, you will have to perform well in admission exams.

Many a times, a great number of admission forms get rejected as either they are incomplete or filled wrongly. So, to make sure that your form is not rejected, you should fill your form with utmost attention. We all love checklists, but, unfortunately, colleges don’t provide them as often they should. However, the college admission application forms ask for a lot of information, which students may not be having readily available. Then what? Don’t worry, below-mentioned is a checklist that you can use when you sit down to fill out and submit

Individual Training Awards for School

One of the simplest ways that to urge cash to purchase school is to use for private education grants. The good issue regarding this feature is that, in contrast to a student loan, you ne’er have to be compelled to pay the money back.

When attempting to return up with a finance choice to purchase faculty, there square measure a couple of places you’ll be able to intercommunicate. Your assistance officer at your school is a lucid alternative. They will gift you with variety of loans that the college provides, scholarship programs, and government loans.

But what if you are doing not have high enough grades to receive a scholarship? What if you do not have deposit cash, an honest credit score or a co-signer. Whereas most school students assume they’re out of luck at that time, there’s Associate in nursing choice that basically ought to be the primary place.
Besides government student loans, school students will receive federal education grants to assist them purchase school. This is often free cash that ne’er must be paid back, and is out there in many alternative forms. Some grant programs square measure specifically for minority girls, whereas some square measure for low financial gains

Different Ways to Sequence Your Presentation for Improved Results

There is a plethora of ways to organize your presentation and the one you select seriously impacts the success of your presentation. If in case you order your material in an intuitive manner, than the audience can easily understand and are more likely to be persuaded. However, if the order material is presented in an awkward manner, the audience will certainly struggle to understand, and they will resist being persuaded. This makes it very important to well understand how to choose the right one for your topic and your audience?

Chronological Sequence

In a chronological sequence, things are requested by date or time they happened. Numerous investigative presentations take after a free sequential succession to recap the events embraced in a test:

  • Background
  • Hypothesis
  • Experimental methods
  • Data
  • Analysis and discussion
  • Conclusions

A chronological sequence is very easy to apply. Since most stories take after this example, it is a natural example for gatherings of people, and is subsequently very simple to take after.

Step-by-step Sequence

In a step-by-step sequence, things are composed by request inside of a procedure. This grouping is easy to apply, and simple to take after and is especially powerful for a “how to” presentation. Some easy examples where this method may be applied include:

  • How

Join the Best CA IPCC Classes for the Level’s Successful Completion

The Integrated Professional Competence Course (IPCC) is the intermediate or the secondary level of the entire CA curriculum as conducted by ICAI. Unlike the CPT course, IPCC covers the working knowledge and information about the core as well as allied subjects of accountancy. It becomes a necessity for all those young and enthusiastic students to join a significant CA IPCC classes to acquire a reputed position in a notable business organization.

Major highlights

The most unique thing about this course is that it supports complementary training and practical learning of concepts related to accountancy, financial management and more. With eight months of theoretical learning and 3 years of practical experience, you can hold a better command over different aspects of accounting. Some of the major highlights of this course may include:

  • Enhanced and deeper understanding of accountancy to build a firm and strong foundation on financial reporting.
  • Inculcates superior level of ethical values with outstanding business ethics module.
  • Provides better knowledge of corporate governance, business environment, and business strategies.
  • Updates you with comprehensive knowledge about business communication through group dynamics, leadership style, soft skill development, and legal documents development modules.
  • Provides completely upgraded modules of financial management, cost accountancy, Audit & assurance, information technology and more.
  • Imparts basic

Worlds best teacher warns on too much testing

The “world’s best teacher” says that a culture of excessive testing can damage standards and “decimate morale” among teachers.

Nancie Atwell, a US teacher who won the Global Teacher Prize earlier this year, was visiting a school in London.

She also said that teachers could get more attention from pupils from talking quietly than shouting.

Ms Atwell won a million-dollar prize – but immediately gave the money to her school in Maine.

On her visit to Capital City Academy in Willesden, north-west London, she said part of the prize had been spent on fixing the school boilers.

Ms Atwell was demonstrating her award-winning teaching skills in an English lesson to a class of 12 and 13-year-olds, with Schools Minister Nick Gibb watching.

Softly spoken and fastidiously polite to the pupils, sitting in a circle around her, she taught a lesson about two poems. She also told them that her own pupils called her by her first name.

“I’ve been teaching a long time and something I’ve learnt is, almost the softer you are, the more attentive they are.”

If there were behaviour problems, she said: “I would go to that student and say, ‘What’s the problem. You need to engage with this, stop talking.’

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